Treatment Philosophy

Crossroads Serenity Garden Crossroads is an abstinence- oriented, holistic program, dedicated to enabling individuals to become free from active addiction and begin the process to rebuild their lives. We understand that recovery is a process of change that is a reality in the lives of millions of people and is possible for all those who make the decision to seek treatment. At Crossroads, we recognize that addiction is a chronic and life-threatening disease that requires a comprehensive approach which addresses the individual’s physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual needs, provided in a supportive, warm and caring environment.

The Twelve Steps serve as a foundation and guideline that provides a framework for the Crossroads treatment program and is fully integrated into our treatment process. In addition, Crossroads utilizes a comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment team approach that consists of licensed therapists, psychiatrists, addictionologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, dieticians, licensed art therapists, and other dedicated and experienced substance abuse treatment specialists.

Crossroads also embraces and supports the importance of addressing physical wellness and spirituality as critical components of successful treatment, respecting the unique needs and expression of each individual. At Crossroads, we have over two decades of experience in successfully assisting individuals and families to learn the most effective ways to implement changes that will empower them to experience health and wellness and live self-directed and productive lives.


Addiction Treatment Philosophy