“Life-changing wellness and recovery begin here.”

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  • “I know I am a miracle. Crossroads helped me be the person I’ve always wanted to be.”

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  • “Since my first day at Crossroads, I began digging myself out of the black hole my life had become.”

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  • “At Crossroads, they loved me until I loved myself.”

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  • “My experience at Crossroads was life-changing. The best thing they taught me was that I didn’t have a drinking problem, I had a thinking problem.”

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  • “The opportunities for healing available at Crossroads are truly a gift. I still use the tools I learned every day to stay clean and sober.”

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Your new life of healing, hope and recovery can start today

Your new life of healing, hope and recovery can start today, right here, at Crossroads. At Crossroads, we understand that choosing the right treatment program is a critically important and life-changing decision. We believe that it is important to provide objective information that will assist you to make the most thoughtful and informed decision about treatment, allowing you to feel confident that Crossroads is the right program for you or your loved one. After all, at Crossroads, we believe strongly that learning strategies to make informed, sound and appropriate decisions in daily life is a critical skill that will lead you and/or your loved one to maintain a new life of empowerment, maintain sobriety and achieve long-term healing and recovery from addiction.

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Why Choose Crossroads at David Lawrence Center?

Crossroads is dedicated to empowering individuals to heal from addiction by providing affordable, quality, comprehensive and holistic treatment using the most innovative treatment methods available. Through our dedicated, caring team of skilled professionals and the integration of research-based treatment methods, we instill hope and teach the skills necessary to achieve long-term recovery, and transform their lives and the lives of loved ones.

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    How Facebook Reminds Me It’s Good to Be Sober

    By Crossroads on April 24, 2017

    Mary R., Crossroads Volunteer Recovery Blogger

    Memories….. “scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind”

    Seems like Facebook wants to throw a lot of memories at me lately.  Here I go, having a perfectly great day.  Over breakfast, I tell my husband about my plans. I’m taking a friend who cannot drive to a …


  • “I am truly in awe of the staff. They are the most loving group of people I have ever seen in this type of setting. I can tell that every single one of them care about every client without judgment. I am blessed to have come here to retrieve my recovery!”

    - Nancy

  • “The drugs would numb the pain and made it easy to stop caring. Without the help I received and the support of my family, I would still using drugs, or dead. I have a lot of hope for the future and I am extremely grateful that I am here to talk about it.”

    - Bob

  • “Crossroads saved my life. It was the best thing that has happened to me in a very long time. I don’t know where I’d be today without it.”

    - Sarah

  • “When I entered Crossroads, I hated myself. I was physically, mentally and spiritually bankrupt. I was unemployable, my friends had washed their hands of me and my family was at their wits end. Crossroads gave me the tools and the time to figure out what I needed to do to maintain continuous sobriety.”

    - Phillip

  • "The help I got from Crossroads has meant everything to me and my family. It was life or death for me and I don’t ever want to look back."

    - Ron

  • "God put me in David Lawrence Center’s care when I couldn't take care of myself and everyone came through for me. They never stopped believing in me. DLC saved my life."

    - Sherry

  • “The drugs would numb the pain and made it easy to stop caring. Without the help I received and the support of my family, I would still using drugs, or dead. I have a lot of hope for the future and I am extremely grateful that I am here to talk about it.”

    - Becca

  • “I have learned that my illness is something I will have to deal with forever. My therapist taught me how to stay positive and cope with my sadness and anger. I now look at myself and the world differently."

    - Sally

  • “Before I got help from David Lawrence Center, I was at the bottom. I didn’t care about anything. Using drugs ruined my high school experience and I lost a lot of really good friends over the way I acted. I never want to go back to the way things were.”

    - Mary

  • "I am so grateful that everyone was willing to give me another chance. My therapist took the time to listen and gave me hope when I was hopeless. Now that the alcohol is out of my system, my head is clear and I no longer need medications."

    - Keith

  • Mentally – made me love myself again. Made me thing that I am important part of the world. Physically – I gained 27 pounds. I feel healthier and I look healthier. Emotionally – I no longer cry about life. I am proud to be me! Thank you so much. Words will never really say how I feel, you (the staff) are amazing and lifesaving. I love Crossroads!

  • “Although it was one of the hardest times I've ever endured, I couldn't imagine a better place to start and I'm glad I stayed.”

    - Jenny

  • “The staff really took good care of me and made me feel like someone cared. Getting sober and getting my life back has been a wonderful experience. Sobriety is a lot better than dying. I have a life to live now.”

    - Chris

  • The benefits for participating are that I am alive. I never thought I would be able to stop taking Xanax, ever. But with Crossroads, I was able to stop and not have the urge or want to pick up again! Every day and night I thank God for David Lawrence Center.

  • My experience here was absolutely amazing! I never thought I would learn so much at rehab (and be happy while doing it). I learned so much about myself that I would/could never realized. If it wasn’t for Crossroads and the amazing staff here I would not be clean, sober, strong and willing that I am now at my discharge.

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